CPR Pocket Masks - PPE Masks

Air-Resp Medical Inc. have sold thousands of CPR Pocket Ventilator Masks Part # 3100 to First Responders.

These masks have been used to perform mask to mouth ventilations on non-responsive and non-breathing patients. The CPR Pocket Ventilator Mask has a unidirectional valve to direct the patient’s expired air away from the rescuer.

The masks are transparent to allow vomit or blood to be seen and quickly dealt with. Our masks also have a port for supplemental oxygen.

First Responders have relied on this product to give them the protection they need to do their job effectively for decades as their PPE solution..

How long do CPR Pocket Ventilator Masks last? Depending on how they are stored, anywhere from twelve months to five years. ... If the mask is still pliable with no cracks; and the air bladder is fully capable of making an airtight seal to the patient's face, then it is still safe to use.

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**See below for advantages & cleaning instructions for the Pocket Ventilator Mask**


1. One size fits most with adjustable head strap.

2. Clear plastic soft cuffed mask for tight fit.

3. Biological Filter - 60% efficiency.

4. Reusable mask when washed and disinfected.

5. Disposable Nitrile Gloves.

6. Port for supplemental oxygen.

7. Latex free.

8. Clamshell hard plastic storage case.

9. Replacement one way filtered valve. Part # 3105

How to clean & disinfect your Pocket Mask according to CDC guidelines:

1. Remove filtered valve from mask.

2. Fill sink with warm soapy water and add 1/4 cup of nonscented liquid bleach per gallon of water.

3. Use latex free dishwashing gloves.

4. Wash inside and outside of mask.

5. Let mask sit in soapy solution for 10 minutes in the sink.

6. Thoroughly rinse mask with warm fresh water.

7. Let mask air dry.

8. Replace with a new one way filtered valve to mask. Part # 3105

9. Your mask is now safe to reuse for yourself.

10. Place mask in clamshell case for storage until needed.

*** Wash/disinfect Pocket Mask video ***

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