How to open and close an oxygen cylinder

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Here are the step by step procedures on how to open an oxygen cylinder and insert a regulator.

  1. Wear safety goggles.

  2. Place cylinder on flat uncluttered surface.

  3. Remove green plastic band and cap protecting the cylinder orifices. Turn cylinder orifices away from you and other people around you.

4. With a cylinder wrench "crack the cylinder open" by turning the cylinder wrench in the open

position (counter clockwise) and then turning it off (clockwise) quickly. This will remove any

contaminants from around the cylinder orifices (openings) prior to inserting the regulator.

5. Inspect the regulator gasket seal and prongs for any damage or cracking. (replace with a new one if


6. Align the three regulator prongs to the cylinder toggle post so they seat easily in the openings.

7. Hand tighten; using the regulator T-Bar, the regulator to the cylinder post.

8. Using the cylinder wrench open (counter clockwise) the oxygen cylinder wide open.

9. Twist your oxygen tubing onto the regulator nipple.

10. Adjust the oxygen flow rate to your desired amount; using your regulator settings, and place the

nasal cannula or oxygen mask onto the patients nose/face ensuring a comfortable fit and seal.

How to Discharge an oxygen cylinder

  1. Using the cylinder wrench turn oxygen cylinder completely off (clockwise).

  2. Remove the oxygen tubing from the regulator nipple.

  3. Using the oxygen regulator flow settings turn to highest flow rate setting.

  4. Listen till you no longer hear the oxygen draining from the regulator nipple. This is also known as "bleeding the oxygen line".

  5. Using the oxygen cylinder wrench; on the oxygen cylinder post, turn the cylinder completely off (clockwise).

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